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“Let your vision be world-embracing…” – Bahá’u’lláh 

From the moment I read this quote from the Bahá’í writings, it fascinated me. It often made me think: how can it be that we as individual human beings often have such different thoughts and ideas about the world? How can it be that one individual can think one thing and the other something totally different? Thoughts often so contradicting that they can lead to conflicting realities. So conflicting that we can’t embrace another person’s reality.

Why would we have thoughts that make us think we live in such different small worlds? We all live on the same planet and that makes us live in the same big world right? Right.

Realizing and learning that the way we see and experience the world depends largely on what we understand, that what we understand largely depends on what we’ve learned and that eventually, what we’ve learned can be right, or quite not so right…

It often baffled my mind and made me look for answers.

I wanted answers. Answers that would lead to more and real knowledge, knowledge that would lead to understanding, understanding that would lead to vision.

Recently two friends of mine have been encouraging me to write. This is my attempt.

I love to hear your thoughts and learn from them.



note: These articles are based on my personal limited understanding of certain concepts and I derive my inspiration, to try to understand these in a universal context, from the Bahá’í faith and the Bahá’í writings.